What can I do for my community?

Lives are busy, families are stressed, and we are all trying to do the best we can to get by day-to-day in a world that becomes more challenging with each passing day. Think about our youth and how all of this affects them; then wonder why they might be tempted to seek some way to ‘feel better’ or ‘escape’ – even if it is not a healthy choice.

Why not take a stand for YOURSELF, OUR YOUTH, and OUR COMMUNITY?

There are so many ways to contribute to this cause –from educating yourself and becoming more aware and active with your own child(ren)–to becoming an advocate for changes in the community-at-large. Choices range from contributing a little time to becoming greatly involved in the effort.

The important thing is taking the step – making a stand –getting involved.

The Drug Free Caroline Coalition is dedicated to engaging the members of our community in prevention efforts toward changing community attitudes and behaviors that have supported youth substance use/abuse in Caroline County.


What does that mean?

Joining together with other caring and concerned community members to make a difference for our youth; develop partnerships with local alcohol licensees to ensure that they are educated and supported to protect youth from accessing alcohol; educate adult community members about the legal liability and danger of providing or allowing youth access to alcohol in homes and community settings; engage community members in supporting no tolerance for underage drinking in the community; educate youth about alternative choices vs. the consequences of alcohol use (both legally and physically); work with youth in the community to provide peer-to-peer support through social marketing and positive youth activities to offer alternative choices; and work to establish more specific laws/ ordinances to provided deterrents to underage alcohol use or access.

What can you do? Join the Coalition!!

Bring your experience and ideas to the issue and see what we can all do together to provide our youth with the greatest opportunity to grow up healthy, safe and alcohol free! Our youth are our FUTURE! Every member of this community can make a difference in the lives of our youth, whether they have children of their own or not. It truly is NOT cliché to say that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Sometimes I think this is something we’ve forgotten. GIVE what time you can and make a difference in YOUR community.
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