We Can All Make a Difference

It is often noted that our country’s problem with substance abuse is not a national problem, but a series of unique community problems.

Experience has shown that some of the most innovative and effective approaches to dealing with adolescent drug and alcohol problems begin at the community level.

Change is created or substantially adapted at grassroots initiatives through community partnerships among key stakeholders — parents, community leaders, law enforcement, prevention and treatment professionals and educators.

Underage alcohol use is everybody’s problem—and its solution is everybody’s responsibility.

Members of the community, including educators, business owners, friends and neighbors, have a responsibility to reduce risk factors associated with underage alcohol use and an obligation to our youth to protect them from adverse consequences of their own or others’ alcohol use.

Together we can help change attitudes about teen drinking, create an environment that can protect youth from underage drinking, and decrease the risk of adolescent alcohol use and the associated negative consequences.

What can you do? Join the Coalition!!

Bring your experience and ideas to the issue and see what we can all do together to provide our youth with the greatest opportunity to grow up healthy, safe and alcohol free! Our youth are our FUTURE! Every member of this community can make a difference in the lives of our youth, whether they have children of their own or not. It truly is NOT cliché to say that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Sometimes I think this is something we’ve forgotten. GIVE what time you can and make a difference in YOUR community.
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